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Ski Area & Mountain Lifts Damuels

Ski area of Damuels-Mellau and Faschina

The snow-proof ski Area Damuels-Mellau, together with the ski resort Faschina, forms the largest ski area in the Bregenzerwald and one of the largest skiing areas in Vorarlberg. In the snow-proof Damuels Faschina you live in hotels right on the slopes! This is pure skiing pleasure!


Skiresort Season 2018/19

    • Weekend Operation
    • 01.12.18 - 02.12.18
    • Low Season 1
    • 08.12.18 - 21.12.18
    • Peak Season 1
    • 22.12.18 - 11.01.19
    • Low Season 2
    • 12.01.19 - 25.01.19
    • Peak Season 2
    • 26.01.19 - 15.03.19
    • Low Season 3
    • 16.03.19 - 22.04.19
    • Opening hours
    • 09:00 am to 04:00 pm
    • Opening hours from 1 February
    • 09:00 am to 04:30 pm

The best ski Resort
The more than 100 km of ski slopes of the Damuels-Mellau-Faschina skiing region in the Bregenzerwald and the Biosphere Park of the Grosses Walsertal are particularly notable for the known high snow safety. This was awarded in the year 2007, by the way, with the title "Snow richest village in the world". On average over 9.60 m of white powder, Mrs. Holle Scatters in this meteorological favorite area.

Living, right on the slopes!
Another big plus of the places Damuels and Faschina are the numerous hotels and pensions, which are located directly on the slopes or the lift facilities. So proper ski-in & ski-out is possible in both places and your car can also take a few days off.


Resort Guide Ski Club of Grat Britain

Resort Guide from Ski Club of Grat Britain - Bregenzerwald/Damuels/Mellau
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