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Programm of "Walser im Wald 18"

Programm of "Walser im Wald 18"

Also in the summer of 2018 there will be some musical events in the framework of "Walser in Wald 18". The detailed program has now been fixed and offers something for everyone this year. From classical to folk to rocky sounds there is something for every taste.

After the classical events in the Damülser church have proved their worth last year, there will be 2018 a recirculation of this genre. In detail, the program looks like this:

  • 09. Juli 2018 - Konzert mit "Duo Taralta" in der Damülser Kirche
    Classical Music with violin & guitar
  • 17. Juli 2018 - Konzert mit "nuDla tRio" im Pfarrstall
    Popular modern with clarinet, trombone, Styrian & Bass
  • 24. Juli 2018 - Konzert mit "Dave & Mani" im Pfarrstall
    Rock classics with guitar and bass
  • 07. August 2018 - Konzert mit "Duo BreitbÄnd" im Pfarrstall
    From folk to Austropop with clarinet/sax and accordion
  • 21. August 2018 - Konzert mit Ekkehard Breuß im Pfarrstall
    Rock Classics accompanied on the guitar
  • 28. August 2018 - Konzert mit "Three of a kind" im Pfarrstall
    Soulful and bluesy sounds with guitar, bass and vocals

The events starts at 20.30 a.m. and take place at free entrance. We wish you a lot of fun and good entertainment!

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