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New Fotowebcam in Damuels

New Fotowebcam in Damuels

After a long search for a location it is finally ready and we were able to install the first photo-webcam in Damuels. The high-quality camera is located at the Hotel Alpenblume and provides pictures of the Kirchdorf Damuels.

The search for a location, together with the suppliers of the "Vorarlberg weatherring", already took place over a long period of time, but finally the course was clearly found. The Canon camera with 18 megapixel resolution and a 18-55 mm lens delivers first-class images of Damuels, the Hahnenkopf Gallery and the flank of the Hanenkopf in Faschina. Especially night shots are unique with this camera.

Here, you can see the "full screen" in the highest quality and as a review.

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