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Walking & Hiking in Vorarlberg

The mountain realm of Damuels Faschina ranks among Austria's most popular hiking regions at the heart of Vorarlberg. As it boasts some 200 km of marked walking trails and hiking paths for all ages and ability levels, everyone will find his favorite route. Walking fans can choose from leisurely loop walks from one village to the next, varied hut-to-hut treks in Alpine surroundings or truly challenging via ferrata tours. What's best, hiking in the mountain realm of Damuels Faschina has loads of healthy and positive side effects!

Interactive Trail Map

Lush Alpine marshlands, adventurous mountain ridges, majestic summits and flower-strewn pasturelands await you in this wonderful hiking region of awesome natural beauty. One of the most splendid hiking areas in western Austria promises unlimited summer holidays for leisurely walkers, long-distance hikers and active families. Great mountain exploration creating memories that will stay with you forever.

The well-loved Loop Tour in Damuels or a walk along the Flower Theme Trail in Faschina are an absolute must for summer vacationers – just like an ascent to the Mittagspitze peak in Damuels or a visit to one of the countless Alpine pasturelands in the surroundings. Special recommendation: Don't miss out on trying our tasty mountain cheese from the Alpine dairies, it also makes a perfect present to take home for your beloved.

Forget the daily grind and wind down in lofty heights by enjoying a ride with the scenic summer mountain lifts, which take you on top of the area's vantage peaks or to marvelous hiking trailheads. Thanks to the convenient Bregenzerwald Summer Inclusive Card you can use the uphill facilities free of charge.

Interactive Summer Map
Taka a glance at the new  interactive map featuring a wide range of hiking trail recommendations, mountain bike routes and places of interest. Click and scroll!

Hut & Hiking Shuttles Grosses Walsertal

A very comfy service is offered for walking and hiking aficionados within the Grosses Walsertal holiday region: families, senior citizens, tired hikers and children are strongly recommended to enjoy a ride in our hut & hiking shuttles towards the area's most scenic pasturelands at the heart of the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park. Destinations change weekly - for example, Alpe Laguz near Marul (Raggal) can be reached several times a day with our shuttle service.

PLEASE NOTE! Hut and hiking shuttles are exclusively available on advance booking!

The following pasturelands and huts can be easily reached:

  • Every day: Alpe Laguz from Marul
  • Monday till Friday: Portla Alpe / Furkapass from Damuels
    (no registration needed - for owner of the Bregenzerwald Guest Card free of charge)
  • Monday: Alpe Sentum from Blons
  • Tuesday: Alpe Zafern from Faschina
  • Tuesday: Alpe Oberüberluth from Buchboden/Sonntag
  • Wednesday: Alpe Steris from Marul
  • Thursday: Alpe Iscarney from Buchboden/Sonntag
  • Friday: Gaßner Alpe from St. Gerold
  • Saturday, Sunday, public holiday: Alpe Klesenza from Buchboden

Advance booking hotline: +43 664 764 63 30

BERGaktiv - Hiking Guides

The superb Damuels Faschina hiking region and BERGaktiv have arranged a fun-filled hiking program. BERGaktiv stands for certified hiking guides in the Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park and Damuels, who have joined forces by founding the unrivaled "BERGaktiv Biosphere Park Grosses Walsertal". Myriad wonderful hiking tours are scheduled during the summer months from June to October.

BERGaktiv hiking programs include half-day hikes, full-day tours, trails of legends, botanical theme walks, sunset and sunrise tours, water theme hikes or demanding high Alpine peak conquests. One tour is available every day - in all weather and without a minimum number of participants.

Guests staying at BERGaktiv partner lodgings can join all tours free of charge!

All other guests pay a small fee for a memorable tour.


Hiking - Number One Health Protection

Did you know that walking and hiking are much more effective than jogging, running or nordic walking? Treat yourself to a health-oriented summer vacation with loads of positive side effects.

Varied health studies prove that hiking and walking sports increase fitness and health of young and old, including also great nature exploration! Walking has countless positive effects on the body's cardiovascular system as well as on your joints, your brain and - even - your beauty! And what's most important, hiking promises happiness and enjoyment by reducing stress hormones and pushing self-confidence.

Ten good reasons for healthy hiking holidays:

  1. Hiking strengthens your immune system
  2. It stimulates your heart and blood circulation
  3. Walking reduces your cholesterol level
  4. You also lose weight
  5. It harmonizes your blood pressure
  6. Hiking stimulates your metabolic system
  7. A perfect stress-reducing measure promising happiness
  8. Hikers have a fit and healthy brain
  9. Joints and muscles are strengthened
  10. Loads of fresh oxygen for your lungs

What are you waiting for? Grab your backpack and lace up your hiking boots. Positive effects are almost guaranteed thanks to the high-altitude location at 1400 meters above sea level!

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