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Guest Award at the Hotel Faschina

Guest Award at the Hotel Faschina

Director of Tourism Pascal Keiser went to the Hotel Faschina. Several people were honored there together with the host family Sperger.

For 30-35 years of Fidelity, Ms. Christina Miller-Kauth, Mrs. Petra Blessing, Ms. Hildegard Spahn and Mrs. Meike Schluchtmann were honoured.

The couple Carmen and Dieter Arndt, Renate and Werner Bücker and Hildegard and Bernd Stojanik were honored for 55-60 long-term fidelity. In addition, Mr. Alfred Stenger and Ms. Anette Linssen were cheered to Damuels Faschina for 55-60 years.

After the ceremony everyone was pampered with a glass of prosecco and oysters.

At this point, the municipality of Damuels would like to thank you once again for the long-standing loyalty to Damuels Faschina.

Guest Award at the Hotel Faschina

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