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Lutz Sulfur Bath, Sonntag-Buchboden

Lutz Sulfur Bath, Sonntag-Buchboden

Just around the corner - in Buchboden near Sonntag - water fans will find a very special bath: The Lutz Sulfur Bath in Buchboden ranks among Austria's strongest sulfur springs.

This marvelous "thermal bath" was newly built on the occasion of the "WALSER HERBST" cultural festival in the autumn of 2012. In the past, the sulfur water in the rear Grosses Walsertal was already used for healing purposes. Documents prove that a couple of "health baths" were spread over the region in long past times.

On advance booking or during the regular opening times you can enjoy a warm bath in the Lutz sulfur waters. Please take a look at the homepage of the "Wassertal" association, if you need more detailed information.

The "bath" is open to the public and makes a wonderful rest stop on your next hiking tour to the surroundings.

Sulfur Bath on the interactive map.

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