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Kunsthaus Bregenz

Kunsthaus, Bregenz

Besides the Lakeside Opera Festival Stage there is another rewarding must-see in Vorarlberg's capital Bregenz: the KUB - Kunsthaus Bregenz planned and designed by the Swiss star architect Peter Zumthor. It ranks among the most outstanding architectural and programmatic exhibition centers of contemporary art in all of Europe!

The popular Kunsthaus Bregenz was built by the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor in 1997. He received the highly coveted Pritzker Architecture Award in 2009. The KUB was awarded several times for its eye-catching contemporary architecture and design, being one of the world's most significant buildings of its kind. The daylight museum has huge glass facades and an uncompromising conception of space, offering superb lightning conditions on some 1600 square meters of exhibition area.

Architectural Elements
According to the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the sense and purpose of a museum is to put on display works of art by connecting them in an unobtrusive manner with the museum's visitors who want to explore art objects in peace and quiet. That's exactly the concept of the Kunsthaus.

"The Kunsthaus was built in a light-flooded place on the shores of Lake Constance. Its main body is made of huge glass plates, steel and masses of poured concrete and stone, which provide a certain structure and space concept in its interior. From the outside, the building looks like a source of light, mirroring either the colors of the sky or the haze of the lake, reverberating light and shade in many different forms depending on the angle, the time of the day and the weather conditions." Peter Zumthor, Architecc (KUB)

Kunsthaus on the interactive map.

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