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Jewish Museum, Hohenems

Jewish Museum, Hohenems

The Jewish Museum of Hohenems features a permanent theme exhibition and varied changing collections. The Villa Heimann-Rosenthal hosts the museum's permanent exhibition centering on the history of the Jewish Community from its origins to the end of the National Socialist regime around 1938.


Jüdisches Museum
Villa Heimann-Rosenthal
Schweizer Str. 5
6845 Hohenems
+43 (5576) 73 989

The museum in Hohenems gives an insight into local connections and transnational family networks of the Jewish Community, focusing also on migration and home country, expectations, achievements, disappointment, prosecution and escape routes. It takes a closer look at the new start of survivors after 1945. Pro and contra arguments regarding the handling of the past, today's diaspora of Hohenems and the descendants' perspectives are in the center of attention.

Exhibition pieces on the life cycle and the annual cycle can be found on this historical loop tour of the museum. Visitors are warmly invited to reflect about the historical facts and the severe consequences of history which can be still seen today. Audio guides, video installations and a special theme exhibition for children add to a highly educational experience for all ages.

Special Exhibition for Children
A wonderful exhibition for kids, leading through the whole museum, was installed in cooperation with the writer Monika Helfer and the artist Barbara Steinitz. Illustrated scenes and paper cut pictures are easy to understand for the youngest visitors who get to know many details about the history of Jews in Hohenems down to the present day. The themed children's exhibition is suitable for kids aged 6 to 12 years.

Opening hours and admission fees can be found at:

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