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Bad Rothenbrunnen, Sonntag-Buchboden

Bad Rothenbrunnen, Sonntag-Buchboden

Everything started with a supernatural appearance by the Blessed Virgin Mary: a shepherd bathes his injured foot in a mountain spring and the water had healing power. Soon a bathing house was built, the place was called "red spring". Today it has already become a well-loved outing destination in the center of the picturesque Grosses Walsertal Biosphere Park.


The almost legendary origin gave impetus to a healing and health-oriented future. Already in 1460, the general practitioner of Feldkirch - Dr. Ulrich Ellenbogen - took advantage of the healing waters of Rothenbrunnen. The lively history of this area culminated  in 2005, when Lorenz Bitsche took over the management of the building.

The guest lounges, rooms and parlors have been renovated in the last years, by maintaining its authentic flair reminding of the years around 1900. As soon as you enter the building you start a travel back in time...

The traditional inn is easily accessible on several easy to intermediate walking trails. It makes a rewarding destination also in rainy weather.

Bad Rothenbrunnen on the interactive map.

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