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Avalanche Trails, Blons

Avalanche Trails, Blons

In the winter of 1954, the Grosses Walsertal and especially the small mountain village of Blons was destroyed by a huge avalanche. It was one of the biggest documented catastrophes in the entire Alpine area. The village of Blons looks back on the disaster by focusing on many different details. Today, three theme walking routes travel past the avalanche sites deeply rooted in history.


Lawinendokumentationszetrum Blons
6723 Blons
+43 (5553) 8112-0

Avalanches has always been of major importance in the Alps. Over the centuries, the locals have learned much about snow hazards. Therefore Vorarlberg is known as one of the Alps' safest winter regions also thanks to permanent research and improvement of anti-avalanche measures.

Walkers and nature explorers can take a closer look at the topic by exploring the three marvelous theme walking trails centering on the avalanches of Blons. Additionally, an "Avalanche Documentation Center" was installed in the local administration office, where all three trails also have their starting point:

  • Leusorg-Weg Trail: walking time approx. 2-3 hours
  • Schutzwald-Weg Trail: walking time approx. 2.5 hours
  • Verbauungs-Weg Trail: walking time approx. 2.5 hours

Also a TV film is about the descent of the huge avalanches in Blons: "Der Atem des Himmels" (in German) was produced by film director Reinhold Bilgeri from Vorarlberg.


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