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1. Alphuettenwanderung 08.06.2019

1. Alphüttenwanderung 08.06.2019

We celebrate the big summer opening with a new hiking offer, the firts "Alphüttenwanderung"

This year, the hiking destination Damüls Faschina officially starts on the 08.06.2019 in the summer season.
The first "Alphüttenwanderung" - 6 Alps in the extensive hiking area of ​​Damüls are connected with a marked hiking trail. The Uga Alpe, Elsenalp, Alpe Ragaz, Alpe Oberdamüls, Alpe Unterdamüls and Portla Alpe are alpine  farmed alps, which are ideally linked to each other. In addition to the magnificent views on the hiking trail down to Lake Constance and the highest peaks of Vorarlberg, the alps produce local products like tasting milk, yogurt and Bregenzerwald mountain cheese. On the day of the summer opening there are guided hikes, test material from Leki and hearty music in the hiking area. The 1st "Alphüttenwanderung" is for everyone. If you want, the hiking trail can also be hiked on your own. For all enthusiastic hikers and nature lovers, who hike to all 6 alps, we have a surprise for you.After the Season Opening the hike path is available to all.

6 Alps:
Alpe Uga
Elsen Alp
Alpe Ragaz
Alpe Oberdamüls
Alpe Unterdamüls
Alpe Portla

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