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"Walser in the Forest 18"

"Walser im Wald 19"

The musical Summer Series ' Walser im Wald' is already held for the 7th time in 2019 and we are delighted that this music series, supplemented by classical performances, has been very well received by the visitors.

From the forest to the stable
Originally the concerts of the series "Walser im Wald" were conceived for the performance in the forest Rope garden Damuels and the stall of the backdrop vicarage was only intended as a fallback. After a few years of experience, however, it emerged that a fixed placement of the concerts in the Pfarrstall is more meaningful.

From classical to Rock
The concerts of the different styles are listed in the stable building at the vicarage (backdrop vicarage) or in the Church of St. Nikolaus in Damuels.

  • 09.07.2019 - Konzert mit "Ensemble la Rocaille" at the vicarage
  • 16.07.2019 - Konzert mit "Ensemble l'estate musicale" in the Church
  • 24.07. 2019 - Konzert mit "Session II Duo" at the vicarage
  • 30. Juli 2019 - Konzert mit "Dave & Manni" at the vicarage
  • 06. August 2019 - Konzert mit "Blue Monday Blues Band" at the vicarage
  • 20. August 2019 - Konzert mit Ekkehard Breuss" at the vicarage

All events will take place at free entrance and start at 20.30 pm.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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